[ svnb ] - Subversion Web Browser

[ svnb ] is a read-only web front end for the Subversion versioning software. You need to specify the svn repository in your url. To browse directories you need to append the repository and the path with a trailing slash (/) to your url. Viewing files you have to append the filename. This rational is similar to the naming convention for the simple browsing functionality of Subversion itself:


Home of [ svnb ]

  • Go to [ svnb ] home at Sourceforge
  • Source code is available here. Download the latest release.
  • [ svnb ] may be copied under the Artistic License

  • Resources

  • [ svnb ] demo site available under Sorceforge
  • There is no cvs tree available since [ svnb ] is not under cvs control Of cause, it is under control of Subversion. Since Sorceforge does not provide repository access other than local, you cannot connect to the repository. A dump of the repository is available here
  • Installation instructions for [ svnb ]
  • Short help about [ svnb ]
  • Information about Subversion available at subversion.tigris.org
  • The online available Subversion book written by Ben Collins-Sussman, Brian W. Fitzpatrick and C. Michael Pilato
  • F.A.Q. about Subversion (svn) available at subversion.tigris.org

  • What is Subversion

    In early 2000, CollabNet, Inc. (http://www.collab.net) began seeking developers to write a replacement for CVS.

    Short feature lists

  • Directory versioning
  • Full versioned rename and copy of files and directories
  • Real ancestry versioning
  • Property management (any key-/ value pairs)
  • Plugs into Apache and mod_perl
  • Full-featured access and authorization management managed by your Apache web server.
  • Cheap directories and cheap versioning of binary files (binary diff algorithm)
  • Good branching and tagging capabilities
  • Good inter-operability.
    [ svnb ] © 2005 by Michael Rau [ svnb ]